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  • The Beauty of Letting Go

    For the past 10 days I have taken on a new persona—The Shredder.  Any document that I haven’t bothered to look at or touch in the past 12 months is up for grabs (excluding tax records). The process has been an exercise in focus and discipline. No sentimentality allowed or caveats like, “But what if […]

  • How to Keep Your Cool When You’ve Lost All Control

    Last week, my smartphone made an executive decision to delete messages from my device and from my web mail server.  It did not ask my permission or consider the fact that I was in the midst of co-facilitating a 2-day leadership program away from home.  For some unknown reason, my Blackberry wanted to control my […]

  • What’s on your “to do”list?

    A few weeks ago, I was about to empty the waste can in my office when I noticed an old “to do” list peeking through the pile of trash.  I picked up the list and smiled when I saw the bold strike lines marked through each item– done, done, and done!”  Ah…how satisfying. But I […]

  • Is your little voice holding you back?

    You know the voice.  The one that’s mumbling right now, “What is she talking about?  What little voice?”  Yeah, that’s the one.  That ever present gremlin that can support or sabotage your best ideas and intentions.  At its best, your little voice encourages you to step out, take a risk, draw on your strengths, and […]

  • How to Get Noticed at Work Without Being a Self-Absorbed Jerk

    Self-promotion can be a tricky proposition.  You want to be recognized for your accomplishments but you don’t want to come off as an ego-centric jerk.  So how do you effectively get noticed and simultaneously earn the respect of your bosses, peers, and direct reports?  Glenn Llopis offers six practical tips in his Forbes magazine article […]

  • Random Acts of Recognition

    As a professional coach, I have seen talented employees voluntarily leave enviable jobs to accept lateral or downgraded positions elsewhere.  Why?  The answer may surprise you.  It’s not money or workload.  It’s something much more basic–a lack of recognition by their immediate supervisor. I have heard countless stories about managers who assume an outstanding end […]

  • Change is in the air

    Autumn is upon us and once again Mother Nature offers us daily reminders to notice and embrace change.   The explosion of colors compel us to stop and admire trees in transition; the crisp air invites us to take in deep life-affirming breaths; and the start of the holiday season gives us another opportunity to express […]