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America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies

Insight Publishing is pleased to present Sheila Haji, Dr. Ken Blanchard, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and others in an exceptional compilation of subject matter experts who share their remarkable perspectives on how to excel in business and in life.

Sheila Haji, founder of Common Ground Consulting Services Inc., is a dynamic consultant, trainer, and executive coach specializing in leadership and organization development.

For more than twenty-five years, she has designed and delivered high impact skill building workshops and strategic planning sessions that have helped literally thousands of executives, managers, and team members achieve key business results.

Having worked with senior leaders from Fortune 500 companies, global industries, and private sector organizations, Sheila has gained unique insights about the attributes that distinguish outstanding performers from average contributors.

Now, more than ever before, leadership presence–the ability to inspire others to act, has emerged as a key success factor for employees at all levels.  In Roadmap to Success, Sheila offers “just in time” strategies, insights, and tips to give your leadership presence a powerful boost.

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